About Profile

Profile is a leading Australian based talent agency which exclusively represents and manages the finest media talent and artists in Australia. Profile has a reputation for offering exceptional representation and management of its unique roster of talented media presenters, performers, journalists and actors, across the entire media landscape, both in Australia and internationally. Profile has a particular expertise in exclusively representing the highest calibre television and radio presenters in all that they do - TV, film, radio, commercials, endorsements, appearances, publishing and new media.

Profile Is People

At Profile, we value people – their passions, their creativity, their commitment.

We believe that all talent is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all solution’. We are a bespoke organization providing bespoke solutions.

Our starting and ending points are simple - assisting our unique talent to find the meeting point between their special talents and their aspirations.

Profile Expertise

Profile’s expertise and comprehensive experience extends to assisting our clients in all aspect of their professional life and careers. Our expertise includes:

  • our deep personal understanding of the skills and aspirations of each of the artists and talent we represent.
  • our unique strategic planning process, tailored and monitored for each of our artists and talent.
  • our knowledge of and experience in all aspects of entertainment contracts.
  • our negotiating skills.
  • our unrivalled industry contacts.
  • our knowledge of and valued relationships with key media organizations and the media industry.
  • our specialist skills in all areas of the entertainment and communications industry – publishing, film, radio, television, emedia, production, public appearances, syndication and commercial ventures.

Profile’s Enduring Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of Profile’s business.

Fundamental to Profile’s success is our belief that talent and creativity thrive on enduring relationships.

Profile’s enduring relationships with both our talent, and the business and media companies with whom we regularly deal, are founded on the values which make any relationship succeed - honesty, trust, understanding, inspiration, commitment and communication.

Our relationships with our media customers are incredibly important and have been proven to work at all levels over many years.

The Profile Team

Profile is a dedicated team of media industry professionals with a diversity of skills aimed at servicing our exclusive talent - from entertainment, contracts, television-film production, publishing, negotiations, syndication and casting.

Profile lives eats and breathes our commitment to our talent, 24/7.

Profile takes pride in our reputation as a premium team of professionals delivering premium management advice and results for our unique roster of premium talent.

Profile delivers a comprehensive and tailored individual hands-on service for each of the talent we manage.


Profile’s roster of Television presenters, personalities and stars represents a roll-call of Australia’s premium television talent. Profile’s approach to television is innovative and complete, spanning free to air, pay, cable, and syndication as well as assisting our talent to package their own productions.

With a particular focus on major network stars and premium presenters, Profile has successfully worked with our client and our television customers across all Television programming slots and all programming formats.


Profile represents many of the best known radio presenters and stars spanning across all formats, breakfast to drive, comedy to current affairs to talkback, and across all delivery media from traditional AM, FM, digital, syndication, downloads, satellites and international distribution.