Dr Lior Rauchberger

“Insightful and entertaining – technology exposed.”

Although Dr Lior Rauchberger is officially a medical doctor, he is often referred to amongst friends and colleagues as a doctor of technology. Blending his technology expertise and communication skills, Lior educates people on how technology can enhance their lives.

Lior does regular technology segments on Melbourne’s Triple M (105.1) Hot Breakfast & Perth’s Mix (94.5) The Big Couch, where he commentates on a wide variety of general interest technology topics.

Topics covered by Lior over the past few years include Apple product releases, digital and smart TVs, social networking dangers, online music services, business applications, technology trends, cloud computing, security at home and online, and many more. He is also a regular writer on build.com.au, and has appeared on Channel 7’s The Morning Show - providing expert opinion on an iPhone application released to improve cancer management.

A trained medical doctor, Lior gained his Masters degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation before starting his own business ‘Urban Intelligence’ in 2003. The company is Australia’s leading technology integrator, specialising in the design and installation of residential and commercial technology solutions.

Lior offers a range of technology related presentations and demonstrations tailored to your company or organisation. Recent topics include: Technology Trends 2012-2013, How Technology will Shape our Lives over the Next Decade, Current Home & Work Technologies, and Cloud Computing.

See below for a list of topics Lior speaks to:

Medical Technology

Will our grandchildren all live until 130?

How is genetics transforming the practice of medicine?

Work & Business Technology

Aren't I a lot more productive working from home?

How can I leverage social media to grow my business?

Leisure & Entertainment Technology

Is social networking a waste of time?

Is technology killing leisure time?

Health & Fitness Technology

How mobile apps and gadgets can change your health?

What will the gym of the future look like?

Friends & Family Technology

Should I be monitoring my kid’s online activities?

Are we becoming digitally overloaded?

Shopping Technology

When isn't it safe to shop online?

My big weekly supermarket shop in less than 5 minutes?

Home Technology

Should I buy a smart TV, Foxtel, Apple TV or TiVo or Tbox?

Set up a home theatre system or just go to the movies?

Education Technology

Will I learn as much in a virtual classroom?

Will children in the future need to learn how to write?

Driving & Transport Technology

Is driving technology making us lazy on the roads?

Will the cars of the future be any safer?

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