Hamish and Andy

After meeting whilst studying at University over 10 years ago, these two talented entertainers/ writers/ comedians have become Australia’s most popular media performers.

This year, due to popular demand, Hamish and Andy are back to take over HIT Network’s drive program from 4-6pm. This is a thrilling and highly anticipated comeback to the timeslot they claimed as their own for so many years.

After commencing their careers on radio in the early noughties, Hamish and Andy rose to unparalleled success with listeners, becoming the highest rating radio program in Australian history. Their national drive show, reached around 2.5million listeners each week and held that audience for an extraordinary 4 years, before they retired from the drive slot in 2011 to pursue other media ambitions.

With a desire to establish their careers on TV, they continued to entertain audiences with their “Gap Year” shows from New York, UK, Asia and South America as well as eventful expeditions to India, New Zealand and Europe. The programs were so popular that they received 3 Silver Logies for their show and a Silver and Gold Logie for Hamish personally.

Together with mainstream radio and TV, they’ve also held comedic reign with their podcasts. Recently topping the iTunes charts as the #1 Australian radio podcast, averaging 240,000 downloads a month. In 2008 “Hamish and Andy” released their “Unessential Listening” CD that went platinum selling well over 100,000 copies! In 2010 they released a second CD to great acclaim; “Celebrating Over 50 Glorious Years”.

The guys receive excellent reviews for everything they do in the corporate arena. They continue to be in very high demand as Australia’s most popular talent and have attracted huge international interest.

Talent Manager:

Michelle van Raay
+61 3 8598 7810