TODD McKenney is reprising the Peter Allen role that made him a household name

Todd McKenney

McKenney will tour the country later in the year with his new show dedicated to Allen, Stories of Peter Allen.

He will bring the show to Melbourne for a performance at the Palms in Crown on December 1.

The entertainer has been a life-long admirer of Allen.

His breakthrough as a performer came when he starred as the first Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz.

One time Allen left a message on his phone-answering machine about tickets to a show, McKenney explains.

"He left a message on my old answering machine telling me he got tickets to the show that night," he said.

"I made his message my answering-machine message for years.

"So, people would ring me and they would get, 'Hi, Doll, it's Peter Allen'.

"A friend would say to me, 'Isn't it funny all those years ago people would ring you and get Peter and then they would come and see Peter and they would get you'."

Tickets for the the show are available through Ticketek.

By Luke Dennehy
Sunday Herald Sun