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Ant Simpson

Ant Simpson is a television host, voice actor and writer best known for his time as co-host of the award winning Australian national drive-time programs “The Ant & Becks Show” and “The Ant & Sami Show”.

He has appeared on national television programs “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, “Top Design”, “The Morning Show”,“Mornings” and Network Ten’s live news entertainment show “The Project”.

In that time he’s boxed with Sylvester Stallone, sung with the Prime Minister of Australia, pitched movies to James Cameron, entertained troops in a war zone, forced Streets to bring back a discontinued ice-cream flavour, had Russell Brand crack onto his mum, trended worldwide on Twitter when Zac Efron asked him for fashion advice, passed a Bill through Congress (literally) and interviewed every Hollywood star on the planet.

Ant is a leading Voice Over artist, voicing international movie trailers for 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount Pictures and Universal and recently voiced a campaign for the Oscar winning film “Birdman”.

Ant has also featured on US television campaigns for Taco Bell, Sprint, Outback Steakhouse the Award Winning SyFy and Lifestyle channels.

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Emma Duncan
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