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Josh Szeps

Josh is a television and radio broadcaster who shakes up the status quo with his fierce intellect and infectious sense of humour. Currently, he can be heard on ABC Radio Sydney.

Josh spent the previous 12 years in New York where he was one of the founding presenters of HuffPost Live, the multiaward-winning American talk network that revolutionised how celebrities and viewers interact.

He hosted over 1,000 hours of live television and attracted millions of views thanks to his entertaining and insightful interviews with the A list, including: Susan Sarandon, Sir Ian McKellen, Jeff Daniels, Ron Howard, William Hurt, Allison Janney, Judd Apatow, Jeremy Irons, Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Dawkins and Russell Brand.

Josh’s television work in Australia includes rumbling with Alan Jones and Penny Wong on Q&A and hosting The Project on Channel Ten. In 2019, Josh premiered his one-man show #youtoo about political correctness, social media and public shaming at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

At live events, Josh has interviewed luminaries like Richard Dawkins at sell-out shows across America. In Australia, he’s moderated “Day of Reckoning” with a panel of world-class intellectuals including renowned philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris. He’s debated racism, religion and immigration with Dr Cornel West and Douglas Murray; he’s sparred with feminist icon Fran Lebowitz at the Sydney Writers Festival and interviewed animal activist, Dr Jane Goodall.

Josh and his husband live in Sydney and have twins. He loves dogs but finds dolphins smug.

Surprisingly, he hates Scrabble.

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