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Tiffiny Hall

Celebrity trainer, founder of lifestyle program TIFFXO.com, author, podcaster and martial arts expert, Logie nominated Tiffiny Hall has many titles tucked under her 6th Dan Taekwondo black belt.

Tiffiny Hall is a one-woman fitness business, with over 20 years’ experience as a personal trainer and coach. Expert in HIIT and HIRT, she rose to prominence on TV in many roles from a Gladiator on Gladiators to a trainer on The Biggest Loser Australia and is now transforming devotees – from athletes to new mums – via her very successful health and fitness app TIFFXO.com. She is a mum, mentor and magnate.

One of the most qualified martial artists in the world for her age, she’s a 6th Dan Taekwondo black belt and has mixed martial arts workout plans that will kick your butt in the best possible way. She is the Director of Training for the largest global fitness app in the world. A role that has seen her travel the world and work with the most famous and prestigious experts in the wellness space.

2017 saw the release of Tiffiny’s new podcast ‘Crappy to Happy’, launched on the PodcastOne network to rave reviews and now has close to 3 million downloads.
Tiffiny is well known for her role as a trainer on three series of The Biggest Loser Australia, winning her first series and earning a Logie nomination for Most Popular New Female Talent.

She is currently seen as the regular Health and Wellness expert on Network Ten’s The Living Room.

Tiffiny first hit our screens in the remake of Channel Seven’s Gladiators as Gladiator Angel, then continued to present a weekly health/lifestyle segment on The Circle. She has since appeared on The Biggest Loser, The Living Room, Have You Been Paying Attention, Kids WB, Studio 3, Fox8, Today Tonight, Sunrise, Mornings, Today, The Project, ABC, Love to Share, Nickelodeon, Slide Show, Studio10, The Loop, Couch Time, Crack Up ABC and Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

Famous for her flying kicks, Tiff is one of the highest qualified martial artists for her age in the world. She is a 6th Dan black belt Master Instructor with more than 20 years experience in Taekwondo and mixed martial arts. She is a personal trainer with a Diploma of Sports coaching with a specialisation in martial arts and kickboxing qualifications.

Tiffiny is author of 9 books. With a double degree from Melbourne University, Tiffiny worked as a journalist before publishing health and fitness books including the very popular wellness and exercise manual You Beauty! Her health and fitness books have helped thousands of Aussies change not just their bodies, but their lives.

Not just all about kicks and punches, Tiffiny has always loved to write fiction. Winning the prestigious John Marsden Creative Writing Award, she released her Roxy Ran trilogy in 2012, including White Ninja, Red Samurai and Black Warrior. Her teen novel Maxi and the Magical Money Tree followed and she is currently under contract for two new exciting books to be released in the next two years.

Tiffiny continues to be a positive role model in health and fitness as she helps other to be strong, confident and capable.

Tiffiny and her husband comedian Ed Kavalee are the proud parents of Arnold.

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