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Tiffiny Hall

With a career spanning over 20 years in the health and fitness sector, Tiff Hall is one of Australia’s most trusted and respected health & fitness experts. Combining her wealth of knowledge and unprecedented experience, Tiff’s reputation as Australia’s trainer of choice is evident. She is a 6th Dan Taekwondo black belt master, is widely recognised from her television roles Gladiator and The Biggest Loser Australia, is the CEO of TXO Life – an online health and fitness program, is the founder of FLEX – an activewear brand that redefines body confidence and is the founder of NOURISH – a supplements range that nurtures the body from the inside out. Tiff is also an acclaimed podcaster, helming ‘Bounce Forward’ with Nova Podcasts, where she speaks with experts and shares her fitness knowledge, Tiff talks listeners through her everyday tips for health and happiness.

Tiff is well known as a body positive activist; she is equally inspiring and empowering. Her honest and often raw accounts of her own personal setbacks and triumphs have seen her garner legions of fans from around the world; fans who not only applaud her but also celebrate her for her authenticity.

Her ongoing contribution in the wellness industry has been profound.  In 2019 she was voted as Women’s Health Magazine most FitFluential trainers and in 2022, she was the first pregnant woman in history to grace the cover of Women’s Health magazine. She is the expert of choice by media professionals and is highly sought after as a motivational speaker.

Whether it be working with mums, profiled celebrities or professional athletes, Tiff transforms lives. Her passion for helping others become the best version of themselves is clear.  She has mentored and trained over 500,000 members from her TXO Life program, she is an author of over 11 books, is a TEDx speaker and the host of “Bounce Forward” podcast.

Tiff is changing the way the world views health and fitness. She is a progressive thought leader – always encouraging others to focus on her ‘bounce forward’ philosophy, be positive about their bodies and ditch external pressures to bounce back.

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